1) So… New Orleans is a NO

Don’t worry, I checked all around New Orleans for the Necronomicon… and only with a respectable buzz to keep me vigilant. I checked Bourbon Street, the Garden District, Canal… really all of the French Quarter and found nothing. Boy, with so much hard work I’m really gonna need a vacation! Vacation? There is no time when you’re a hard workin’ guy like me on a quest for a book that can be the ruin of the universe! I must save the blah blah blah and such.

The one link I found was the Ursuline Convent, or if you’d prefer, nunnery. I don’t… ‘nunnery’ is a stupid word, but the story behind the convent seems a bit suspicious. The French were failing to establish New Orleans as a center for Catholicism and decided to pimp out their own women, so they sent over a few girls to set up roots and establish a few Catholic families that could spread out and overtake the city. After a long journey over the ocean, it doesn’t matter how hot a woman is, she will look like death. The girls got off the boats and looked less than attractive, giving way to tales of vampirism, which only worsened when the onlookers saw the ‘casket’ shaped boxes the girls used to carry their things.

In no time, the experiment failed and the young girls were raped, or otherwise exploited and sent back to France. The girls left, but their carry-ons were rumored to remain at the convent, which was eventually established into a library of sorts for the Catholic diocese. People believe there were vampires smuggled into New Orleans, but I see no reason it could not have been something even more dangerous; perhaps the father of all evil, the book itself.

Feeding into the allure of the vampire claiming sanctuary in the convent is the belief that at night the shutters of the third floor mysteriously open. Legend tells that to safeguard against this, the church barricaded the windows by nailing them shut with nails and screws blessed by the pope himself. Not sure how blessed nails keep anything at bay, or why anyone would need them… can you find them at Wal-mart?

It would make sense that the girls would be able to keep chapters of the book in their ‘caskets’, or even one could’ve hidden the book and smuggled it along. I would expect that the book was divided between the girls, so as to stave off the madness hidden within; no doubt, a voyage as long as one from France to America would be enough to drive any traveler to madness. This could explain the sickly look of the girls when they arrived, though ‘sea-sickness’ is enough of an answer. The fact that the convent serves as a library seems convenient… maybe if I had been willing to break in and look around for a while I would’a found the book, though an account from the seventies tells that those who waited to see if the windows would open at night were killed and drained of most of their blood.

Could have been a sacrifice to the Necronomicon, as the daemons it could summon would need every ounce of blood to make it one night on Bourbon Street.


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