Feed My Frankenstein

Scary lookin', right?

Scary lookin’, right?

Could mankind create something so powerful it would find the capability to destroy itself? These are the things I think about when you’re all at work. Such a feat would be as a star collapsing unto itself, which is a documented phenomenon in the universe, so who is to say humanity could not implode under its own stupidity (or cleverness)? It doesn’t have to be that mankind creates a massive weapon capable of total obliteration, maybe it could be that humanity creates the circumstances of a total nightmare scenario; an end times full of zombies and Frankenstein monsters and Hitler‘s for president. We sow the seeds of our destruction every day, but as to what actually grows is entirely up to us.

Frankenstein’s monster was mankind’s remedy for death, which is the incurable evil we deal with on a daily basis. When we see something wrong we try to improve upon it, we try to make it better, not understanding the consequences we might bring about. Horror movies tackle this issue of human tinkering on a number of occasions, and if you look at human history ‘tinkering’ is a word and a phenomenon that is alive and thriving; I’m sure we can all think of another besides Frankenstein… how about, ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die‘. In this story, a doctor, who is working on several mysterious experiments, gets into a car accident, where his wife is beheaded and killed. He tries to keep her alive, but what she becomes… or more accurately, what her head becomes, is a transmogrification of her former beauty. His success in keeping her alive only serves to mock his experiments and the love they once shared. His other experiment, a sort of Frankenstein beast, which he keeps locked in a closet is yet another glaring example of mankind’s failure to find perfection in his endeavors. The two experiments conspire against him and are inevitably his ruin, yet another example of mankind inciting his own demise. Good movie, by the way.

[Insert Jokes Here]

[Insert Jokes Here]

Okay, if I am being honest… it wasn’t a good movie, but I enjoyed it. I also appreciate the message of a person being destroyed by his work, if only for that work to thrive in its own right. A work may go on, but its creator must be destroyed; the old is constantly in battle with the new, it is the lowest form of tribalism left in our society. Be it Frankenstein’s monster, or a human head giving orders to a half human cannibal… what is the point to our judgment when we are capable of such terrifying monstrosities? Think for yourself of the walking… ‘Running’ dead of Twenty-Eight Days Later, think of the sharks in Deep Blue Sea… think of the atom bomb and never consider the possibility that mankind will bring about his ruin.

Most certainly, mankind WILL bring about his own demise… but think of all the good that will be done once we are erased from the planet’s unfathomable data banks!


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