A Perfectly Logical Discussion About Boomsticks

Classic Bruce... Respect.

Classic Bruce… Respect.

There are perfectly logical reasons for a person to need a cache of automatic/nuclear weapons in his basement that nobody seems to understand. What if zombies form into a semiconscious legion and decide to attack in a cognitive formation? What if man-bear-pig decides to go godzilla! and attacks New York City? What if Jesus calls upon you to lead his army of the righteous against Satan‘s conglomeration of evil men? See… a totally soundproof, logical array of questions.

People who are against gun rights live in a perfectly logical world, one that doesn’t exist. These people are high on whatever chemicals the corporations that run this country are pumping into our air; they’ve polluted the air, the water, the land; it’s all rotting with feces and nuclear waste and for some reason these people live in a world where vampires don’t exist. A person’s logic can be his greatest asset or enemy, the key to determining either is his level of dependency. There is no logical reason to own a gun… maybe that’s why the most illogical people want them so badly. The world is not a logical place and it might not be encumbered by Lovecraftian nightmares, but it is under the firm grip of a myriad of stupid, evil little creatures that think they can control the world.

It is illogical to always look to the ‘worst case scenario’, but in an instant the world can change and our logical world can be uprooted. Imagine a world where you need a gun, where the world has gone insane and the only protection you have for your family is a bit of cold steel that makes bad people disappear. In a flash, you can be the insane one, whose nightmares are behind every corner; you could find yourself being laughed at for hoping for the best in mankind, for there is little of that in a world that has gone completely insane.

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