2) Disney is to Pedophiles, as the Necronomicon is to the Dead

Seems legit

Seems legit

If I could get more donations I promise everyone I could search better places for the Necronomicon. Granted, I haven’t asked for money, but is that really necessary for this level of dedication? On a routine excursion in Disney World I ran into an odd occurrence; odd, hopefully for Disney World. The dead didn’t dance, but a truly disturbing sight I did see, as a gentlemen came up to two ladies and offered to take a picture of their kids. The women, thinking the man meant to take a picture with THEIR camera of them with THEIR kids gratefully obliged. The man took a step back and proceeded to take a few pictures of the ladies’ kids, as they posed uncomfortably against the back drop of playful dinosaurs with happy, smiling faces. The mothers looked on in horror, as the man smiled and politely thanked them, then was on his way. Everyone saw and everyone watched. What a world we live in… couldn’t find the Necronomicon though… good times.

Not entirely sure what to make of the fact that the happiest place on earth could entice such predators, it makes you wonder if there is an aura, or an unwritten wisdom that attracts people to certain energies. Sure, everyone knows kids will be at Disney World, but what if there is a sort of undercurrent that attracts people into different traps, or palaces, or dangerous places. Perhaps, a person could think they are setting out on an adventure, they wouldn’t even know why they are going; maybe there is a powerful force that moves the world, maybe even several forces that move for good, for evil, or even self satisfaction. With so many energies, how could a human being know of which energy to follow; how could we know what is right and wrong in such a savage world? Can we listen to our heart if it is filled with the energy of the Necronomicon, or a place filled with negative energy; our fields could become so strained that our wits would not be about us. Somehow, we must find the right energies to guide ourselves and to guide the world. Maybe then, we will synchronize with this power and set the world in harmony.


2 responses to “2) Disney is to Pedophiles, as the Necronomicon is to the Dead

  1. Makes me think back a few months I was at a comic convention near Cleveland …I asked a couple if I could take a photo of their baby (about five or six months) who was dressed in a Doctor Who costume – complete wit h a tiny fez. I had my Shadow costume on and I remember thinking “this is the only place on earth where someone dressed all in black could come up to a random couple and ask to take a photo of their child without it seeming too creepy…..

    • Yes, in your case it’s still creepy, but the creepy level is about a 2, this random guy just came up smiled and took his picture… just creepy, justy creepy. I’m not gonna blame the Necronomicon for that, but who knows!

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