PS4… More Like… PS BORE… U kin keep that one

Go on… look at him… and his come hither mustache.

This is still about horror… the horror of reality. This is the Tao of a sacred world that is locked within your PS3, your Xbox… your mind. Whoa…. I’m a little less blogger a little more prophet! In video games, there are those who play to live a fantasy life and all they want is to be free to live their fake life. Sometimes in video games, there are some who won’t let you be and choose to kill, bother, or otherwise annoy, until a glorious video game hero stands up for those too weak to stand.

The hero kills the villain, freeing the video game world of one bully, who is sent to limbo… and forced to start another account. Herein, we come to the central dilemma… in fantasy land. The bullies always die to return again and again. Luckily, so do the heroes, and as the bullies life fades the heroes can only get stronger. If the will of the hero is mighty… and he is willing to hit restart for as many times as it takes… he will defeat the villain. Restarts are not limited to the hero, for the villain has spent just as much as the hero… roughly $59.99.

And yay, though the hero and the villain contend for dominion in a realm that nobody really gives a shit about… here I sit, with Cheetos on one side and a Mountain Dew on the other. No matter who wins, Hero Holds Dominion… Villain Holds Dominion… it is I Who Holds Dominion! I am such a winner, with my gaming chair built for hours of comfort and my mind melded to the machine of my choice, normally a Playstation 3. I choose the PS3, because I like the controllers, but one cannot hate on the Xbox. Many is the man who will nullify his integrity by playing on a 3DS. There have been many wars between those who worship the Nintendo products and those who choose another, for the mighty cling to the tattered ideology of ‘the plumber’ and the ‘Legends’ lost to ‘Zelda’. I am no hater when it comes to either form of fantasy worship… and hope for peace to come to both sides… if only in fantasy land.


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