So Eating Human Meat…

imagesLara Flynn Boyle… has had some work done. That’s not the issue here. It is but one of many things I learned after watching Hansel and Gretel Get Baked. I didn’t have very high… haha, ‘high’ hopes for it, but I gave it a chance. Another thing I learned is that if you cook human meat for long enough it looks almost like a honey-baked ham. Not that a pot head will care and I’m sure if I’m stoned enough I could eat a human leg and not notice. So, what am I supposed to do if I don’t have weed, but am in possession of a decent sized piece of human meat? Seasoning it… I’ll have to leave that to a few hunters I know. I’ll bet Ted Nugent will know the best way to season a human leg, that’s all I want! We can listen to Cat Scratch Fever and chew down some human jerky.

The movie… was not so great. That’s why I’m talking more about cannibalism. It had a few good times and memorable quotes, but nothing that I can warrant requesting a bit of your time. I’d rather invite you to my first human meat dinner, but I’ve still gotta get my ducks in a row. I mean, if any one can help I’ll gladly try to figure this thing out.

I’m relatively sure it’s illegal, but human flesh might be a blessing in disguise. Imagine feeding the homeless TO the homeless. There’re two people who are no longer hungry right off the bat; if we could start up some kinda buffet we’re golden. Maybe I could do a kickstarter to get funding, or venture capitalists… or maybe a government grant.

Any suggestions would be sweet.


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