Just ‘F’ and Get it Over!

You kiss your mother with that.... oh yeah

You kiss your mother with that…. oh yeah

With the return of Bates Motel for season two, there is only one question on everyone’s mind… in which episode will Norman Bates have sex with his mother. No big deal to me, hey if you wanna go and bang your mother that’s on you. I’m only upset because she… or the voices in his head, kept him from having sex with that teacher. The only problem I find is that Norma (Vera Farmiga) might be insane herself… or just too damn needy. Chick is high maintenance and I don’t think such a “Sensitive Soul”, like Norman (Freddie Highmore) can handle her.

I aint even mad though… alright I am! I was really rooting for little Norman to have sex with his teacher… it’s an obsession. This should’a happened and no, it wouldn’t have helped the storyline… but it would’a helped me. Don’t judge me, and sooner or later you’re all gonna have to admit that Miss Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy) was sending innocent Norman obvious ‘do me!’ vibes. Weird still, how I was hoping for such a thing. I just… I believe in you little Norman.

Weird… the more depraved the show gets…. the more depraved my expectations become. Before the end of last season I was kind of expecting some kind of weird three-way to just pop-up, like Norma and an Asian sex slave, or Norman and a few of his teeny crushes. I wouldn’t have anticipated so many sexual possibilities for young Norman if I’d only seen the movie; depravity yes, but so many possibilities for him getting laid.

Do I sound jealous… fuck you……. okay… I’m jelly. Despite the possibilities, the only one that seems absolute is that… Norman and Norma are going to have relations… in the biblical sense. though, I don’t think Jesus wanted this… not sure though, I haven’t finished the Bible.


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