Insane With Wisdom

Every time I see a different picture of Alice she always appears like a pedophile's wet dream.

Every time I see a different picture of Alice she always appears like a pedophile’s wet dream.

I’ve learned so much, yet have come to no higher wisdom. After you study wisdom carefully, you start to suspect that it is a bottomless pit that pulls you in deeper. Gravity is working against you… you fall further into its pit of darkness. The gravity of wisdom is that of a black hole. You’ll be falling into its depths and for the eternity that it takes for you to disappear you will be falling out of control. When it comes to finding wisdom you’ll never have control.

Life is constantly making me rediscover my lack of understanding, but nothing will compare to my re-reading ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, by Lewis Carroll. The book seems riddled with secret meanings; it could be one great big dream sequence… or just maybe Carroll was a massive pedophile of epic proportions. My interpretation is that Alice is ‘Anarchy’ and she rampages through Wonderland destroying the Monarchy.

There are a number of reasons I assume as such, but maybe I’m reading too far into what’s supposed to be a child’s book. Is it just a child’s story… or is it something more? If not, then I am seriously messed up in the head. Both clear possibilities.

There’s no wonder why guys like Mark David Chapman go out and shoot John Lennon because they think there is a secret message in ‘Catcher in the Rye’. Every detail is open to interpretation. The first thing you learn as a writer or really any person who wants to create, the creator is the least important part. Nobody cares what you think about what you created. You’ll die and your work will live on. Its message will live on forever, so it’s important that you never waste your creativity.

What you think it means is nothing compared to individual interpretation. People have their own minds and in this way your work evolves. It will take on new meanings, as the meaning that you might have had yesterday will mean nothing tomorrow. Even from the beginning, when you first started to write… chances are your work doesn’t mean the same thing. A creation starts to take its own form, especially if you give it the care it deserves. Take great care… the future depends on you. You don’t know it, until you start to gather the information through writing, but more than anything your creation needs you to nurture its creation.

In this way, you’re a mother and a midwife to your creation. Don’t drop it on its head. You won’t be able to protect it from lunatics that think you’re trying to upset the establishment or claiming women are from Mars or that the master race is beneath the earth! There is no hope for the future, but in keeping your work alive you have done your job as creator. Kinda gives you a deeper insight into God, don’t you think? If God created life and life is still alive… God deserves to be father of the year.


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