Super Predator Kills Sharknado



It seems more than apparent that Chtulu is responsible for the death of this shark, not to mention millions of other creatures that have gone unnamed until this moment. A nine foot shark being killed by a greater predator has to be a sign of the apocalypse! Well, if he is awake… I’m out. Probably better to just hand the planet over to the monkeys and depart for lands unknown… but wait!

We’re humans… we’ve been kickin’ ass on this planet for centuries! We’re not gonna let some superpredatorcrabmonsterfuck take our title away. Take a look at our track record See… we can win this! Oh, you can kill a shark… well, we’ll kill every shark! We’d better nuke the ocean to make a point!

Humanity’s real secret weapon is to let everything die in order to make a point. We’re suicidal. Other creatures want to live, but humanity seems hellbent for death. Coincidentally enough, we’ve survived thousands of years inspite of ourselves! We’re winning! Nuclear standoff and fallout, world wars, collapse of civilizations and we’re still kickin’ ass!




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